The Future of Food

November 12, 2008 by · Comments Off on The Future of Food 

How Science Will Solve the Next Global Crises

Stephen Doyle and Zack Zavislak have created a visual article (they call it an “atlas”) for Wired Magazine (Issue 16.11) that illustrates possible “green” solutions to the world’s future food shortages. Charts describe topics like Global Crop Yield, Corn, Beef Steer, Future Farming, and Catfish.


“Demand for food is rising, and the world’s farmers are struggling to keep up. It’s time for a new green revolution.

“Forty years ago, we defused the the Population Bomb with the Green Revolution. Modern fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides boosted crop yield and fed an expanding population. But now the chemical age of agriculture is running out of juice. Yields—production per acre—have gone flat while demand is rising faster than ever…”

The full article appears on the Wired website at The Future of Food.